Waste of Time

For a sport and league that is over-sensitive about every and any little issue, the NFL sure is clueless about how useless the Pro Bowl is for players and fans alike. The truth is, these players are getting paid for this game regardless of whether they are there are not. And I’d like to think that a free trip to Hawaii is hardly as enticing when league administrators are around every corner. Doesn’t like a fun vacation.

Schemes and playing styles and all that jazz is a little easier in the other major sports because being able to think on your feet and improvise doesn’t help as much in football. You see how badly things go in games when there is a broken play. Imagine that over the course of a game with regularity and that game being televised.

This fantasy draft shit with Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin was an interesting idea in theory if they just picking fantasy teams. But who cares about some random assortment of guys playing together in a meaningless game? Well, unlike those other sports it’s difficult to argue the merit of playing a game like this in the middle of the season. But that’s literally the only way to make this even sort of interesting.

If my memory is correct they used to have the Pro Bowl after the Super Bowl. But having it played before the Super Bowl just makes me want the actual game to be here a week earlier. I don”t want to see some unfortunate injury with my favorite player on my favorite team in a game that doesn’t matter.

Most other games have lost a bit of the glitz and glamour but they manage to stick around for whatever reason. And thus the most popular game with the least popular All-Star game should give it a rest and be happy with their excess amounts of cash they make on fans during the regular season.

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