Keeping It Real

Barbie dolls are going to be made with the likeness to real-life. Obviously they won’t be My-Size Barbies, but you can buy those on other sites all you want (sorry creepy old guys). These dolls are short, curvy, petite, too tall, and other differences that I’m sure you’d notice if you cared.

Anyways, how about they up the ante? Mattel really needs to keep it real. I feel like I’m watching an episode of 90210 or The OC. Did anyone ever notice how there wasn’t ugly people in any other those shows? Well, at least within reason anyways. And there wasn’t any bigger kids at all. Even the nerdy kids were just secretly attractive “sexy librarian” types just waiting to unleash on the quarterback of the football team.

So if you’re going to go on some “love yourself” crusade and be honest to little girls (or boys), then be real about it all. Have some fat, ugly, hairy, acne-faced, brace-faced girls and guys (are there still Ken dolls?). If you want to appeal to kids that aren’t perfect then do that shit the right now.

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