Instigating Is His Job

Michael Moore is a fat piece of shit. I could be nicer with that explanation but that’s too fair to this dude. He doesn’t respect Chris Kyle and he doesn’t consider how his actions will inevitably effect an entire area.

You might think he has good intentions with his whole “don’t send water to Flint, Michigan” deal and there’s some merit to why someone would be upset. But to think that this guy is someone to thank for using his platform to take a stand is complete and utter bullshit.

All Michael Moore wants to do is get behind his little camera and film shit. Then he will take that film to get edited. After he gets it edited he will take it to a studio and sell it. Then he will get paid. Michael Moore doesn’t care about your struggle. He cares about putting money in his fat pockets. How about you get a treadmill and worry about your high blood pressure first and foremost?

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