Up and Down

How does Oprah keep doing it? She’s a genius businesswoman and she knows what she’s doing when it happens, but do you think it’s all planned? I mean, her weight keeps fluctuating up and down and while it’s down for the better now, making 12 million dollars off of one tweet is disgusting.

Oprah didn’t give up bread, but she obvi wasn’t eating Weight Watchers food or using their diet plan. She prob has Gunnar Peterson on speed-dial and cracks the whip on her personal chef whenever she needs to. While people say they can identify with her based on her personality on and off air, how much do you really think you are like Oprah Winfrey?

The people trying Weight Watchers are trying these “clubs” for a reason and trying to be like a celebrity who does more work and eats healthier than whatever plans she is representing is pretty unrealistic. Girl has enough money to retire 50 times over while getting divorced just as often, who believes this shit?

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