That Guy: Who Takes the Bromance Overboard

We all have friends that we love. It’s not the romantic kind of love but it’s pretty important to us men and those bonds usually last way longer than most of our adults relationships with women. Still, all too often, we have that one friend that takes things just a little too far.

Being overtly sarcastic about sexuality happens. Straight guys do really gay things sometimes. And if you’re shaking your head no right now then you’re blatantly lying to yourself. It’s not about having a different sexual preference. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s because you’re so comfortable with your sexuality that you can be funny or ridiculous and not feel threatened or awkward.

But this is completely different. This guy tries to play grab-ass. Not literally, but he uses every social network to let people know that you are close. He befriends your girlfriends and sometimes opens his mouth when it isn’t in your best interests. You know he means well, so you let certain shit slide. But he’s just not finding a girlfriend and you need him to understand that his happiness as an individual would make this bromance much more heterosexual.

Given the right amount of intensity, this guy is the best dude to go out and get fucked up with. But with just a tad bit more energy, he’s the dude who is keeping you from getting laid or watching the football game without hearing about his issues. He’s basically a female friend except with the boobs or vagina. Now what good is that?

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