A new show worth watching on the Discovery Channel is Diesel Brothers. A show for bros featuring bros. Most of these muscled-up dudes with impressive beards (minus the bald guy) rehab trucks to be as bad ass as possible. They show stunts on their YouTube channel for DieselSellerz and do giveaways by raffling off chances to win the trucks they build. It’s like if Pimp My Ride were set in present time, with cool guys, and they didn’t make really lame trucks.

On top of that, they show how much shit costs. So they don’t throw out crazy numbers for their budget and then go totally over and then lie about it. You get to see how shit goes down and they aren’t terribly bad at acting (if that’s what it is). And if you know dick about cars (or anything with an engine) like then you get to learn how they put stuff together.

These guys are young entrepreneurs slaying the car repair game. You may not laugh out loud when you watch the show, but they are clever enough to not be corny. So while it’s still fresh on the scene, take a look at Diesel Brothers. You won’t be disappointed,

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