16 Things Buzzfeed Can’t Stop Posting Lists About

  1. How funny other people are when they tweet. Though the editors are particularly unfunny in their analysis.3460d8698a7b8ba49d7f8b9fa3b3c62e
  2. Engagements. Because we need to see pictures to feel bad about ourselves’. cc25a574c3199af680421c0bb7b40c20
  3. Family Photos. Because remembering a time when you wore that outfit or had that hairstyle wasn’t painful enough. ae892fcaa464ec0de9e8d1a3797e6de9
  4. White Girls and shit they can’t stop saying. Just don’t use Twitter or Instagram. k37khvfk4sj2pijorqsg
  5. Billion-dollar corporations suck and you shouldn’t support them. Everything popular is the opposite of cool. Chipotle-corporate-sabotage-e-coli-bioterrorism-640
  6. Things people fail at. Because it’s fun to laugh at other people for sucking at this. Really. epic-fail-1-jpg
  7. Why you should listen to their self-help ideas. Because you aren’t as knowledgeable and need help. self-help-2
  8. Things that make your girlfriend hate that you for not being that guy in the Nicholas Sparks novel9ee86948e2e6146cc0d7783f03fe0712
  9. Women’s beauty products and the application of said items. Because who’s really looking the most? SNL-Elects-a-New-Pope (1)
  10. Young people suck at saving money and will never learn. Apparently the struggling writers of Buzzfeed know better. e66b9cc7f31900515daf7ca284e2b09b
  11. Random lists about animals filled with cute pictures that you can’t help but click on. Damn you, ASPCA4a46d7d34e98248864ad85e76747ba93
  12. Anything nostalgic ever accompanied by next to nothing else. Awesome content, bruh. 55e0b8e5b717640cb9ee18a52f3b1363
  13. Videos that will inevitably be circulated around the web until you want to scream. maxresdefault
  14. Shit that guys do wrong and why being single and feminist is what cool kids do. feminist-man_2684936b
  15. Gifs and Memes that define you as a person because they know you personally. xx
  16. Things hipsters like because we are all hipsters, right? Except no. c57f3f39503c06e04d46c501c65fa181

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