Shit Trending on Twitter

twitter-hashtagIf you write TBH and you aren’t 15 or younger then go play in traffic. If you respond to all the chain letters that used to spam emails and instead or littered all over Facebook then don’t be upset when you get called out. And if you are posting on Twitter with the current hashtag )obviously used to promote self-confidence) #growingupwithmyname then you better either have an awesome name or shut the fuck up.

Sob stories aplenty for a bunch of stupid kids with stupid parents that either can’t spell or want their kid to not be taken seriously ever in life. If you grow up with a slutty name and you’re a slut then there’s only one person to point a finger at. If your name makes you sound like you’re Napoleon Dynamite brother’s girlfriend (it’s not that tough to follow) then you’re shit out of luck. But let’s give kids another reason to idiots and act like they’ve got it bad. And finally, let’s see how many racist comments kids can make without realizing just how innappropriate they really are (i.e. the stupid high school girls that thought it would be hilarious to band to together to spell the N word after a Senior Class photo.

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