Paid in Full

dk7CSV_5If you’re a reality TV fan or if you just like laughing at people, there’s no better show that used to be on the air than Gigolos. And it’s coming back after a year off. Sure, the only real gigolos out there probably have guys as clients. But that doesn’t make this show any less funny. There’s some obvious situations where women outwardly identify themselves as actresses, but other than that it’s not that crazy.

It’s the characters on the show that make it worth watching. There’s the dude who thinks he’s really dude, the dude that thinks he’s really talented, the dude that thinks he looks good with orange skin, and then dude who just wants to do it so he can buy his son trips to baseball camp. It really is an entertaining show. And when it’s based on Las Vegas it’s totally legal.

The couple new guys are sort of annoying and the cast gets worked over pretty good, but these guys are only better suited to be porn stars than anything else. They corny as fuck and should know it. But man this guilty pleasure it worth the extremely short amount of time it takes to watch.


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