Counterproductive Platforms

Charlotte Rampling was probably misinterpreted, but she said she said and it's too late to turn back.
Charlotte Rampling was probably misinterpreted, but she said she said and it’s too late to turn back.

When celebrities stand up for what they believe in they have a platform. They have followers and fans and media outlets with an ear to the ground for every statement they make. Whether there is good intent or not, sometimes the desired effect isn’t always how things play out. Other times we misconstrue what they want or mean and their intentions aren’t as rosy as we would like to think.

In any case, there’s a lot of issues out there that just aren’t worth touching right now. And before you crucify me for saying that much, note that it’s nice to be happy every once in a while. Or not having anything happen is good too. With all the negative news and outcries of unfair treatment, let’s just all step back and consider what we’re about to say.

Opening your mouth and making change is difficult, but giving fuel to a fire that is bigger than one person probably isn’t the best idea either. Will and Jada (Pinkett) Smith apparently spoke for black actors everywhere when they chose to boycott the Oscars. More celebrities followed and now we have a situation on our hands. But this is a constant and something that needs to slowly be improved. Stacey Dash may have good intentions and she may even have a few good points, but this isn’t great timing. Now Charlotte Rampling (some white actress) has a problem with the outcry and calls this “need for diversity” racist to whites, which might be a bit harsh. Let’s just not rush to judgment on either side. Don’t assume all black people have ill intentions and don’t assume all white people are racist. Or you could just calm the fuck down.

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