Hurry Up

5603cbce21c992a4ec2fd6b37076082fAs if we weren’t annoyed by how long it’s Game of Thrones and Girls and Silicon Valley and The Walking Dead among other great shows, but Netflix is dragging ass on their releases knowing full well just what they are doing. Instead of just shoving them forward and releasing it all at the same time like they do with everything else, the streaming service has decided to give us advance notice on when their popular titles on coming back. Yeah, as if that’s not going to piss me off more that they aren’t here to watch right now.

Meanwhile I’m bored watching ArrowThe X Files, and Gossip Girl (for at least the 4th time around). If Orange is the New Black is as weird as last season was then I’m going to be very disappointed. Can’t they just make like 10 seasons-worth of House of Cards? And while Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was good in theory, I still never got past the first few episodes. It just wasn’t that funny. Now if Kenneth from 30 Rock became a character then I’d totally be on board.

Anyways, House of Cards comes back March 4th. Orange comes back June 17th. And Unbreakable comes back April 15th. Ya gotta tell me when Arrested Development makes its way back into my life. It’s enough that Lilyhammer got canceled, but Narcos probably won’t be back till the end of the year and I could never get into Marco Polo. Stop fucking with my livelihood.

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