Protecting the League

Pittsburgh+Steelers+v+New+Orleans+Saints+-V-DjLvbAUymThere’s two sides to every argument and this case is no different. But no matter whether it’s in a game or in the news, the safety of NFL players is always being discussed. Sounding off is one thing I am pretty good at it and various revelations really do nothing to change that. Case in point, Antwaan Randle-El, most notably a former do-everything jack-of-all-trades guy for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is experiencing life after the league. The physical deterioration of his body has left him struggling to get up and down stairs and wishing he had never played football in the first place.

Apparently the guy is having mental issues too, but after playing (and staying in) for Pittsburgh all those years who’s to say he wasn’t like that to begin with? Taking care of NFL players and providing adequate health insurance is important for the Players Union and all that jazz, but life-span of professional sports careers are similar to the injuries sustained. You know going what you’re getting yourself into. So there should be no bailout unless a particular waiver is signed by the league or player noting that specific circumstances will call for coverage.

So players are getting faster and stronger and it’s very likely that injuries will continue to plague a sport that will continue to be the most popular in a country that craves this kind of action and drama. Yet, no one ever complains when they are making millions of dollars to be an athlete and play a sport. We all make decisions to do what we do. Perhaps others are left with obvious decisions but maybe that’s why Chris Borland, of the 49ers, retired so abruptly. You have the freedom to retire whenever you want as well. And while it may not be the optimal choice, like Randle-El has said, maybe he should have just played baseball (because there’s no chance of getting hit in the head….).

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