I’m Going to Work

ed7f1f9256e7e8b58657e7e167f2bb28It’s not just a catchy song, it’s also something that people not on TV do every day to pay to watch those people on TV do nothing. Funny how that works (witty humor at its worst). So Glassdoor just put out their Top 25 Jobs list and it’s filled with options that most might expect and others might cringe at. Glassdoor is a site for job reviews and testimonials to better inform companies of their overall complexion as well as offer potential employees an opportunity to see what they are getting themselves into.

So apparently standing in a CSI lab (and that’s what we will assume “data scientist” means) is the most popular job of the year. Is popular or is “filled with tons of really smart people and pays well” what we want? Hope all these scientists aren’t fucking idiots. Though, admittedly, I know an idiot or two that might qualify. Number two is tax manager. Great. More people to take our money. Thanks shitty job market. Further down there are several IT-type jobs that one would expect in our technology-driven society. Then there’s the physician’s assistants because being almost smart enough to be a doctor needs a job title.

The most common term listed is “manager”. All this means is that people are finding ways to take advantage of others without having to do any of the work. Oh yeah, I just fixed the toilet at this condo “I’m a property manager”. Because all they do is find someone to do it for them. Way to manage! And then there’s all these seemingly baseless median salaries getting bounced around. Is this going by New York City standards (the high end of anything economy-based)? Or is that an average everything? Perhaps the data scientists, tax managers, audit managers, finance managers, and strategy managers can figure that one out for us.

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