Quadruple Threat

fa5451f0130c924dc3bce6431bada00cDude obvi isn’t the funniest, nor is he the best actor (but he was good enough to win an Oscar for Ray), and he hasn’t had a song that I can really remember since “Blame It (On the Alcohol)”, but if there’s something worth noting about Jamie Foxx it’s that he’s a good man. Amidst all the bad shit you hear in the news and the celebrity reality shit that blankets our TV screens, there is good people in the world.

Last night, just north of L.A., a regular old Joe Schmo rolled his car and it went up in flames. Two people went to help the victim. One broke the window and then other pulled him out (Jamie Foxx). It was later ruled that the kid in the car was under the influence (surprise surprise), but let’s focus on the positives. Someone needed help and he got it from someone that could do nothing for the rest of his life and never need to play Powerball. Play on playa.

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