Making A Case

6ae160a4e53f230465c08e6a1afb7e21Shame on you if you haven’t checked out Netflix’s Making A Murderer by now. It’s one of those edge of seat, gripping shows that leaves cliff-hangers at the end of every episode much like Frank Underwood as he knocks on the desk of the oval office in House of Cards. Only this isn’t pure fantasy. This is real life. And after a somewhat slow start (as many great shows tend to have) the narrative of show begins to take shape.

It’s not just that the story is so captivating, but how it seemingly happens without much of the country hearing about it. Aside from various regional stations with coverage, the Steven Avery case wasn’t in the media. We weren’t hearing about daily protests for a wrongful conviction or continued excessive abuse taken by the police of Manitowoc County/Calumet County over the different trials that took place. But what should and shouldn’t happen isn’t always how things play out and in this case it’s possible that the viewers only saw one side of the story.

Considering everyone in Manitowoc County thinks Avery is guilty along with his ex-fiancee. And then there’s the different family members that testified during the 2006 trial that (at least momentarily) had bad things to say about their kin. Then again, all the different evidence just looks too damning. How is it that you just miss important evidence on the floor or how is it possible that no other DNA was found on Teresa Halbach’s key?

Too much about the case was cut and dry. Did anyone else feel terrible the time that Brendan Dassey is on the phone with his mother and he says “I’m stupid”? I mean, it’s not like it was a lie. But that’s how easy of a target the kid seemed to be. Coercing a confession out a kid that had been guessing the answers his whole life wasn’t much a coup. Yet that leads us to even more interesting questions.

If ever this gets resolved here’s what I’d like to find out: who killed Teresa Halbach? Was it a family member trying to frame Steven? Or was it some random who is still trying to confess (like the rapist in Avery’s first trial). After proving that Brendan Dassey had no fault in the matter, why didn’t he get off on all charges? So many more things that would take some much more time to discuss. The best way to stay informed is to check it out on your own and continue to talk.

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