Direct Delivery

amazonprimeWhether it’s a drone flying Not Your Father’s Root Beer to your house because you’re fucking sick and have no taste buds or a deep desire to finally see what Jeffrey Tambor and Transparent are all about out, Amazon Prime is taking things to a new level. There’s also Mozart In The Jungle and The Man In The High Castle. Sure there’s not as much to watch as Netflix or Hulu, but the shipping perks (especially if you live 15 minutes from a port) can bring may make up for all that’s missing. Twenty percent off all games makes Prime every nerd’s dreams and the opportunity to potentially have drones buzzing to your home is slightly appealing.

Up until Sunday at midnight Amazon Prime is available for a flat-rate of 73 bucks for the whole year. Now that’s a chunk of cash up-front for everyone that doesn’t live in a penthouse apartment and buy rounds on end at the bar, but giving up a night (or two, depending what cheap ass city you live in) of drinks will get you a year of enjoyment. On the flip-side, Netflix costs two times as much and has started to fizzle a little (not to say things won’t heat up again when the blockbuster original series return).

So much like the mad dash to purchase a Powerball ticket, get to figuring out how to finance that money for Amazon Prime. The pros will certainly outweigh the cons and life as you know it will improve with each next day delivery (and last-second gift idea/forgetting altogether). Some of the titles that have slowly made their way over to Prime include all the HBO titles that we wished Netflix would commandeer including Entourage, Sex and the City, The Wire, The Sopranos, and True Blood (though HBO Go might take care of that).

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