A Familiar Scent

taking-a-shit-like-a-boss_o_913283It’s tough to argue, but men and dogs have a lot in common. There are certainly the negative connotations that come into play, but whilst walking my dog (who is better looking than yours) I noticed something funny. Dogs love sniffing each other’s shit. Okay, so I’ve noticed that many times. But I haven’t thought about writing about it until now. And yet hu(man)s can’t help but taste last night’s martini coming back up in our system when we smell someone else’s brand.

But do you feel comfortable in the bathroom with your own smell wafting through the air as though something freshly baked had recently made its way out of the oven? I’m not saying you’re trying to eat it (like dogs), but it’s not like you’re spraying Febreeze around the room while you read the paper, fuck around on your phone, or watch TV. No you go about your business and then IF you happen to care about the next unsuspecting individual that has the misfortune of stepping into the hot box of torture, then MAYBE you decide to spray something or open a window.

Maybe I’m just weird because I’m comfortable in this kind of setting. But there’s a feeling of zen in the bathroom for me that puts me at ease. That and it puts the Chipotle that was bursting out of my stomach feel safer for the next time it happens. And that’s coming from someone with a relative phobia of public restrooms.

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