20 Best Movie Villains of the Last 20 Years

Somehow I found myself watching the movie Insurgent on HBO (which is a pathetic attempt at copying The Hunger Games) and I recognized Theo James from the first movie of The Inbetweeners and for some reason he looks like Billy Zane to me. And for as much as I enjoyed that corny superhero movie The Phantom I still can’t help but dislike the dude. Maybe it has something to do with how much Zoolander hates him (I know Zoolander isn’t italicized, I just don’t care).

So now going between a bunch of random movies across different genres without any clear direction, it made me realize how legit of an actor Zane was and how good/bad Titanic was for his career (aside from the endless royalties likely paid). That movie defined his career and made a lot of people hate the dude. So I really got to thinking about what recent actors/actresses have been the most memorable assholes/villains in movies in the last 20 years (because apparently only old people identify with older movies). Here we go:

The Joker. Heath Ledger. The Dark Knight, 2012. His gay cowboy role aside, this is easily Ledger’s best performance in a reasonably simplistic role. Unfortunate we didn’t get to see him again.

Anton Chigurh. Javier Bardem. No Country For Old Men, 2007. This is probably the last person I’d ever want to creep up behind me in a dark room. He looked like the Spanish Jeffrey Dahmer.

O-Ren Ishii. Lucy Liu, Kill Bill: Vol. 1, 2003. Perhaps the hottest/craziest female fight scenes involved this character. It didn’t hurt her look in Charlie’s Angels, either.

Commodus. Joaquin Phoenix. Gladiator, 2000. Killing his father, wanting to sleep with his sister, and screwing up his own empire; all in a day’s work.

Lord Voldemort. Ralph Fiennes. Harry Potter, 2005. It’s like Ralph Fiennes likes playing d-bag characters. He most famously played Amon Goeth in Schindler’s List.

Edwin Epps. Michael Fassbender. 12 Years A Slave, 2013. This man thought he owned the world. He got his eventually, though.

Alonzo Harris. Denzel Washington. Training Day, 2001. It was his world and the lame newbie cops under his tutelage/drug dealers were just living in it.

Saruman the White. Christopher Lee. The Lord of the Rings, 2001. Basically he’s the creepy uncle version of Gandalf. So there’s that.

Colonel Hans Landa. The Inglorious Basterds, 2009. Uh, so he was a Nazi. And no one liked them. But it wasn’t just the fact that he was killin’ ’em. It was how he went about doing it. Stone cold.

Regina George. Rachel McAdams. Mean Girls, 2004. She had nothing nice to say and Rachel McAdams isn’t even all that attractive. But the bitch was funny.

Fernand Mondego. Guy Pearce. The Count of Monte Cristo, 2002. Had all the money in the world and still wanted his best friend’s life even though he was poor as fuck.

Cal Hockley. Billy Zane. Titanic, 1997. Rich, good looking, and a complete jackass. Not many more spiteful characters than this guy.

Mr. Lesley Chow. Ken Jeong. The Hangover, 2009. While Chow returns in the later installments as a sort of good guy, he’s basically one of the funnier bad guys of all-time.

Patrick Bateman. Christian Bale. American Psycho, 2000. Villain or here? Either way, he’s funny and demonic and my fave character maybe ever.

Bill Cutting. Daniel Day-Lewis. Gangs of New York, 2002. One of the more bad ass movies with equally great fighting scenes. “The Butcher” even had some personality, too. He just liked slicing shit up.

Calvin Candie. Leonardo DiCaprio. Django: Unchained, 2012. Count how many times the n-word was said in the movie.

John Kramer/Jigsaw. Tobin Bell. Saw, 2004. Setting up people to get sliced in two and then having others to choose who it happens to is pretty amazing. Guy pulls strings, literally.

President Snow. Donald Southerland. The Hunger Games, 2012. Ya gotta be pretty evil to think up a game where once a year randoms from each region of your country get picked to fight to the death.

Hilly Holbrook. Bryce Dallas Howard. The Help, 2011. The prototypical housewife with a meanstreak, Hilly was a bitch and a racist. And she deserved to eat shit.

Percy Wetmore. Doug Hutchison. The Green Mile, 1999. The spoiled prison guard wants power and treats the inmates poorly. Dude just wants people to hate him.







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