Big Butt Empire

cfe55e9742a6e0bae83b66a66b7b6eb9Kim Kardashian got her career with her Ray J. sex tape, but she’s kept her career by continuing to market her sex appeal and her family’s ridiculousness. There’s definitely more ridiculous products out there with her name on it (for instance, the video game) but what is the purpose of emojis with her likeness. They are called Kimojis. At least these don’t cost money to use.

I never understood emojis, but then again I’m not a 12-year old girl. There’s a crying Persian face with the likeness to Kim K., a picture of lips (because that’s distinguishable in any way), a picture of a body from the neck down (presumably to show curves of some sort-don’t really know), a middle finger thrown up with a ring on one of the other fingers (again, it doesn’t make much sense), one with her putting makeup on her face (I think), and another with a quote bubble and the word “vibes” in it ( how original).

Then there’s more obvious one’s just featuring her face and various emotions or personality traits. There are a couple that make me scratch my head. Like the one with her with cornrows in her hair. Does that mean “I’m a gangster” or “I like black guys”. I can’t tell. And if the kimoji with white hair means “I died my hair” (which oughta come in handy a lot-NOT!) then what does the regular one mean? Then there’s the booty one that also sort of looks like a pair of testicles, there’s the one of her boobs that seems unnecessary (because is it for sexting?), then there’s the one with an obvious Kim K. with child. What the fucking fuck? Why is that necessary and what tasteless fuck is going to use that kimoji when communicating? Nice one.

Wonder how long it took her to put this together (and by her, I mean the people that work for her). But seriously, this is the dumbest thing I’ve seen yet. Not sure why anyone would want to download something just because she has her name on it. What’s the point in these emojis anyways? Even if it made sense to use emojis they’ve gotta actually say something as they are intended as substitutes for fucking words. I know this generation is growing up on broken English, but you gotta do better than this when you come out with something.


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