Who’s Hungry?!?

7fd43df3d800779d46588fe646969237Am I the only one that thinks taking a class to give a blow job is the equivalent to teaching a class on how to make a sandwich? Seriously bros, it’s a lot like sex and pizza. There’s no way for it to be bad. I mean, if you don’t finish or if she’s a dead fish (pun intended) then sure it will most definitely suck. But given there is sufficient effort by both parties it can’t be that bad, right? And if you really need someone to coach you up on it then you either don’t like it (in which case I never want to meet you) or you just don’t like who you’re doing it to.

Most of the time girls that don’t like reciprocation (because there’s such a thing!) are wild about going down on dudes. And I get it, you’d rather deal with what’s going in than what might be coming out (we’ve all been there). But isn’t it SUPPOSED TO be about mutual satisfaction? I mean, that is among the useless drivel that righteous females tend to spew when trying to lobby for more attention when both parties are finished (pun is still intended).

The idea that said blow job classes might be offered within the curriculum on a college campus (more specifically Ohio University). To which I say, besides the fact that it was quickly debunked as a reference to a stupid tfln-themed Twitter-account, OU students likely get that lesson the regular. If you’ve visited Athens you probably know what I mean. Fun party town with fun party girls. But it’s not like there haven’t been more ridiculous courses offered in college. Not like the old diploma gets ya what it used to.

Why is it so hard to get the basics of head game? Don’t use your teeth and do your best to multi-task (i.e. working both the shaft and the balls whilst keeping eye contact). So it’s obvi you can have bad technique, but the end-game is the same. If results are achieved then who really cares how it’s done? For the purposes of bachelorette parties, these kinds of workshops are time-fillers but not necessary for a dude that knows what he wants and how to get it.

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