No Better Option

19e60024fb585567a1bf040bf113ca05Would you still watch ESPN if there were legitimate better options out there? I know I would. Bros and non-bros alike used to have a legitimate go-to for catch-phrase highlights and actual fucking sports! Now the nation’s worldwide leader in sports has scrapped the funny commercials with big-name athletes and actors to focus on competing with other media outlets. ESPN has clearly taken notice of TMZ’s attempt to foray into the sports news world.

Not long ago I turned on ESPN to find a highlight of a WWE match. Yes, fucking professional wrestling had a highlight on the network. Isn’t that something better suited for one of the sister sites? I stopped watching wrestling once I hit middle school and realized just how pathetically scripted it all was. On top of that, you see poor excuses for news each and every day on the main site to increase ratings and get people talking. Hell, it works. But it’s not keeping me interested.

Even news that has sports-related figures leaks into the site and TV show while there’s no legit option to watch instead. The people at CBS are lame as fuck and don’t know what they’re talking about. Most of the league-based networks are hires picking off former ESPN anchors and they are too biased for words. And this new collaboration with DraftKings that ESPN has is transparent as can be, too.

And there’s some obvious favoritism on this network. Whether it’s college basketball, the NBA, NFL, MLB, and whatever other sports seem relevant at the time (no, the NHL never comes to mind), a lot of the same teams come up and there always seems to be an agenda that’s pushed. It’s about time they figure their shit out and get some people that actually know what they’re talking about instead of Mel Kiper Jr. (who took money for his draft ratings from agents). Yep, that’s who we trust for sports news.

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