Bro-n Appetite: The Dilla

IMG_7729-1If you like quesadillas as much as Napoleon Dynamite, then you probably don’t need to go to Chipotle or Taco Bell to make it happen because you want to know where the meat actually comes from. And I’m right along with you. Fast food is great at night when you’re drunk as fuck and need something cheap to pass the time, but good food doesn’t need to be expensive nor does it need to take a long time to prepare.


tortilla (2)
boneless chicken breast
Old Bay
Italian seasoning
grated cheese
seasoned salt

  1. Defrost the chicken without cooking it. Cooking shit in the microwave makes food dry and not so tasty. But running hot water to thaw something out takes forever and this will be the longest part of the process anyways.
  2. Spray your pan with a non-stick element to help with the cooking process. Don’t turn the heat up to high but median high should suffice. Make sure the stove is good and heated up otherwise the outside of the chicken will be burning while the inside is still pink. And you don’t want salmonella.
  3. Lightly shake on some Old Bay and seasoned salt (generic is okay, but Lawry’s is preferred) and sprinkle in some pepper onto both sides alternating cooking each side.
  4. After a couple flips of the chicken, put the Italian seasoning on for some extra spice.
  5. You can cook the bacon concurrently, after, or in the same pan as the chicken. The bacon grease usually helps cook everything else faster and will likely add some flavor.
  6. Dice up the chicken and bacon as the tortillas go on a different pan similarly prepared.
  7. Add a splash of grated cheese (mexican mix, mozzarella, cheddar, it really doesn’t make a difference) and make sure have it all around the base of the quesadilla (including the outer edges).
  8. Toss in the chicken and bacon and put more cheese on top.
  9. When you put the top of quesadilla on make sure the edges are secure and melting to the opposite side.
  10. Roll the pizza cutter out and cut the pie and eat.


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