A License to Suck

Dude looks like a child molester waiting to happen.
Dude looks like a child molester waiting to happen.

Ethan Couch is a terrible human being. Being a terrible human being doesn’t put you in prison, but vehicular manslaughter of 4 innocent bystanders very well should. Yet for some reason the kid got off and the term “Affluenza” became popular, as his lawyer claimed Couch didn’t know right from wrong. And admittedly so, his mother was an enabler and didn’t keep Ethan from making the wrong choice. Instead, Ethan Couch is in Mexico fighting deportation.

I can’t imagine wanting to stay in a Mexican jail. But that’s exactly where Ethan Couch finds himself right now. Still, when comes back he will only have a few months of a juvenile sentence (till April) and if he were convicted with the previous charges he would still have to violate his parole to actually be sent back to prison. And so the biggest debate has been whether to try Couch as an adult.

Vehicular manslaughter is a tough case to make stick. On one hand, you have 4 people that will never see their families again or experience additional firsts that hadn’t taken place. And on the other hand, it’s not as though most people who are guilty of vehicular manslaughter get in a car (or truck) with the clear intent to kill someone. But all the evidence piles up for a guilty verdict and a harsh penalty for a kid that was finally caught violating the terms of his sentence by drinking underage at a party that got posted on Twitter.

Ethan Couch isn’t unlike most kids in high school that party and screw around and get behind the wheel with alcohol in their system, but again the vehicular manslaughter isn’t the biggest part of the equation. So why is he getting preferential treatment? Is it because he’s white? Because his parents are rich? And did he get to the judge that somehow let him off? If anyone or anything has failed this kid it’s society, man. Sure, his parents are dickbags and deserve a lion’s share of the blame. But addictive personality traits that aren’t illegal are just as dangerous as the ones that are. Hopefully this kid finds his way into jail and becomes someone’s girlfriend. Then maybe he will feel something.

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