A Fantasy Season

As the NFL regular season ends we take a look at how things went and what we can learn from this season for future ones. I also give you my personal records so that you may at least understand how legit this information really is. To start, we look at the Pick ‘Em of straight picks. With a total record of 158-95 things could have been better, but very well could have been worse. Week 2 was 5-11 and Week 10 was 3-11 for combined 8-22. There were a couple average weeks but minus two herky jerky weeks and yet the total percentage correct .624. Without the two bad weeks the total percentage was .672. Below is a look at the records had the week to week picks been correct with the actual ones in parenthesis. The assumed records aren’t necessarily the opinion of each team in general but based on how the complexion and expectations of each team changed each week.

Final Standings had picks been all correct:

AFC East
New England 14-2 (12-4)
Miami 10-6 (6-10)
NY Jets 9-7 (10-6)
Buffalo 8-8 (8-8)
AFC North
Pittsburgh 14-2 (10-6)
Cincinnati 11-5 (12-4)
Baltimore 7-9 (5-11)
Cleveland 2-14 (3-13)
AFC South
Houston 9-7 (9-7)
Indianapolis 8-8 (8-8)
Jacksonville 3-13 (5-11)
Tennessee 3-13 (3-13)
AFC West
Denver 12-4 (12-4)
Kansas City 11-5 (11-5)
San Diego 5-11 (4-12)
Oakland 4-12 (7-9)
NFC East
Philadelphia 8-8 (7-9)
NY Giants 7-9 (6-10)
Washington 6-10 (9-7)
Dallas 4-12 (4-12)
NFC North
Green Bay 14-2 (10-6)
Minnesota 10-6 (11-5)
Detroit 5-11 (7-9)
Chicago 1-15 (6-10)
NFC South
Carolina 12-4 (15-1)
Atlanta 11-5 (8-8)
New Orleans 7-9 (7-9)
Tampa Bay 6-10 (6-10)
NFC West
Arizona 14-2 (13-3)
Seattle 11-5 (10-6)
St. Louis 8-8 (7-9)
San Francisco 1-15 (5-11)

Personally, I had 6 fantasy teams (I know I was slacking). With records of 13-2 (3rd), 9-6 (2nd), 12-3 (1st), 9-6 (1st), 11-4 (3rd), and 12-4 (2nd) I finished a combined 66-26. Some teams that were built for success early didn’t fare well later on due to injuries or duds or suspensions. While teams that weren’t as well assembled early on were aided by in-season additions and good fortunes as the playoffs took place. I lost one semifinal by a single point (in a stupid league that gave points for carries), by 8 in a final that was one move away from a reverse of fortune, and a final that saw a guy score 50 points over his average even though I still outscored everyone else in the league (including the final) by more than 200 points. Sometimes things just don’t go your way. Given a little more luck and a bit more free time for waiver wire additions and I might have been perfect. Playoff predictions coming soon….

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