Impending Doom

Oregon never won a National Championship. They weren't going to win the Super Bowl either.
Oregon never won a National Championship. They weren’t going to win the Super Bowl either.

Chip Kelly came in guns blazing (sorry to steal your quote Greg Hardy, ya fucking cretin) and his offense was as high-flying as it had been in Eugene for the Oregon Ducks. After doing everything except winning the National Championship, it looked like Kelly was well on his way to starting a movement within a bigger movement (the pass-first one) and really changing the game. While the Patriots were already playing quickly and getting a lot of plays in, the Eagles were looking to do it even faster.

So what happened after that first year of success? They had a quarterback that was figuring out the system (though to be fair, they really had two). They had a star running back in the prime of his career. And they had some emerging talents at tight end as well as a solid offensive line. So what does Chip Kelly do? He gets rid of everyone except the tight end and he brings in people that know his system even better. Now that wouldn’t be a problem if there were actually a possibility in bringing in better players for his system than LeSean McCoy, Nick Foles, Evan Mathis, or DeSean Jackson (and I know there were others). But having a #1 receiver has Jordan Matthews because you can’t cultivate any more new talent and your best guys leave isn’t good. To compound that with bringing in YOUR GUYS from Oregon just makes it worse.

To add to all the trouble with wasting money on Byron Marshall and wasting the talent of DeMarco Murray, he keeps guys like Riley Cooper (who should have at least been cut and then resigned later on if he was that necessary, but not given a new contract) and has the backlash of former players claiming racism. So maybe that was a stretch when it all comes down to it, but Kelly didn’t manage this ball club right. Bringing in Sam Bradford may have only been worse if Bradford actually took the massive contract extension offered to him in the preseason. What a fucking disappointment this guy has been. And maybe it’s not his fault, but he should shoulder some of the blame too.

For Kelly, many good things are in his future if he wants them. There are only a handful of college football programs with coaches better than him and there are always big-name programs in need of coaches of his caliber. His system is what everyone wants (assuming your identity isn’t already obvious i.e. Alabama or Ohio State). And this guy can sell a program to anyone and make it relevant as he did at Oregon. Will he go back to the college ranks? Look what it did for Nick Saban? Do you think he’s ever gonna take a stab at the NFL again?!?

Another defeat for Chip Kelly.
Another defeat for Chip Kelly.

What I’m saying is simply this; Chip Kelly isn’t meant to be an NFL head coach. Could he be a successfull offensive coordinator? Sure. But that’s not what this guy wants. He’s got a big ego and needs control. Maybe he will get that somewhere else, but not everyone can do that sort of thing. Some guys are just made to be coordinators. So many coaches go back and find that they are best in long-tenured jobs that given them a security that the pros just will never yield. How about Cam Cameron? Terrible coach for the Dolphins. Had varying success in the pros as an OC and then goes to LSU where he’d be a fool to jump ship (especially now that Les Miles has at least a few more years after the PR debacle).

Kelly isn’t a great manager. As a Ravens fan, I don’t believe that John Harbaugh is that great of a coach. Sure, he’s a nice guy. But he’s not a self-evolved dude. He micromanages and has a great front office and just sits back and lets it happen. Sometimes he makes bonehead decisions trying to go for it in difficult situations but you have to have some kind of responsibility and game management is it. Yet Kelly is an offensive mastermind that needs to be allowed to operate. Unfortunately, he wasn’t going to work in a situation where he tried to do too much when we know that it’s the players that win games.

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