All For Nothing: The Realities of Fantasy Football

Fantasy owners hate you.
Fantasy owners hate you.

Am I the only person with an issue to take up with some NFL players over their recent performance? Definitely not. But this craziness with regards to big injuries suffered by big players really takes its toll in the long run. How many of you did really well the first 13 weeks only to get to your playoff matchups and lose for a week of bad luck? Yeah, the one-week playoff systems don’t help. But neither do the poor showings by certain players AND the no-shows by one in particular.

You know who I’m talking about. Odell Beckham fucked my team. Instead of giving me an expected PPR boost of 20 or more points, he was a blank space of uselessness. He got suspended and finding depth when you already lost Julian Edelman, Dion Lewis, Jamaal Charles, Keenan Allen and tons of other guys over the course of the season, you struggle to keep things together. What’s worse? I end up playing a guy who scores his season high in the Championship game (basically a reverse of our Week 14 matchup). And my best score was 40 points higher than that. Oh yeah, that league high score was 222 for standard PPR leagues.

In a season that I scored over 200 more than the closest team and had two more wins AFTER the season was over, somehow I’m left to pick up the pieces and wait for next year. The only thing that might make this season suck a little less is being a keeper league and letting me take Todd Gurley forever. If there’s a chance you had to play against Doug Baldwin or Russell Wilson the past few weeks you probably lost. If you ran into Jordan Reed, Sammy Watkins, or Brandon Marshall then you might have been annoyed. Or if Allen Hurns and DeAngelo Williams were playing you might have seen your numbers jump in bunches and not known what hit you.

There were a lot of big performances this week that both hurt and helped me as a fantasy player. The tough part of it all is having a total 6 teams that all make the playoffs (4-team playoffs) and having 4 of 6 in the finals and still only win 2. When all you do is win, win, win, win and then play unfortunate games at the end it stings. Sob stories abound. One week you beat me, the next week you fuck me. Thanks for nothing Odell.

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