Stone COLD Fox: Men’s Fashion In 2016

Now that it’s finally Winter weather it might actually makes some sense to give a little heads up on what bros are wearing. So if you don’t think you can pull off certain things you might not be interested in what I have to say (or anything else for that matter), but colors, patterns, and trends aren’t necessarily as safe as one would expect in the colder months.

Fur isn’t just for apple-bottom jeans and boots with the fur (that was soooo 8 years ago). Dudes can comfortably (and should comfortably) rock the fuzzies till they sweat. Avoiding the multi-colored coats and ones with spots is an obvi rookie mistake, but methinks Joe Namath was on to something a few years ago. PETA can suck it. I’d love to come out with some clever quip to compound that statement but the best I can think of involves the words “eating” and “meat”. And Perez Hilton’s site is slightly different than mine.

The retro look apparently is in. Some fashion pundits think bell-bottoms are cool on guys. I’ll stick corduroys and slim jeans for now though. Not too interested in letting anyone think I have wide-ass cankles. But the idea of hip/understated trench coats and bomber jackets don’t completely make me cringe. Hey, if James Dean wore it then you can wear it. Dick.

No, not THAT James Deen. Hilarious picture, am I right?
No, not THAT James Deen. Hilarious picture, am I right?

If you thought the idea of bell-bottoms and silk shirts was nuts then you might not stick with me when I say that knitted sweaters, knitted scarves, and turtlenecks are apparently cool. I hesitated to say making a comeback because it’s been a while since they were truly in. Though I can remember wearing them as a kid growing up. Don’t ask.

Colors are always interesting when the Winter rolls around but this time there’s lots of good looking reds that are in full effect. Dark more than anything, maybe like a rouge or crimson, is what you’re looking for but this is not some poor excuse to take your Nantucket reds back out that you should have burned a long time ago. Purples are also in though it’s well-documented that not everyone can pull that color off, much less a darker shade. So if you are without a solid man tan then save yourself some grief (and embarrassment) and stick to black, navy blue, and whatever neutrals you can dig up.

fa31d1f0399af754621b156edbd902b6For the official man, the 3-piece suit isn’t just for festive occasions. No one is saying you have to wear bow-ties every day of your life. In fact, that’s a trend that is better suited for the people that can actually pull it off (or in other words, if your face is ugly you shouldn’t wear a bow-tie). But while you keep the colors and fabric simple with regards to the suit/blazer/vest, you want to jazz up your gear for serious. Busy is actually in. And for those that don’t know what I mean, just look at the picture. There’s a lot going on with the shirt and tie and to throw it all together with something so uniformly coordinated you can’t help but golf clap it up.

Some of the things you’re going to see on the runways of previews or guides for Winter fashion should stay in Europe or on the runway. But looking good isn’t an option, it’s an expectation. So look for reds, purples, and better be safe than sorry. Accessories can vary but don’t do too much to everything. Focus on matching some flair with some conventional wisdom and there’s no reason not to be the best dressed in the room. Oh yeah, and try to stay warm if you can. Joe Namath has that shit down.

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