The Infallible NFL Week 16 Straight Picks

A good week that almost ended perfectly leads us into a big week of fun games while a slightly distorted playoff picture will almost surely be defined by week’s end. Can’t say enough for how confusing the schedule gets towards the end of the season, but thankfully there is still some good sports to watch even if your team has already been eliminated. Also, I’d like a high draft pick.

Week 15. 14-2.

Overall through Thursday’s  Game. 143-78.

Washington at Philadelphia. Going with my head and not my heart. I can’t imagine why Philly would get this one in their favor, but I don’t know how they are still alive until this point. And the Skins are somehow not running away with it even when they are clearly the best team in the division. Eagles 24, Redskins 23

Carolina at Atlanta. Will Cam play? Will it matter? I still think Julio Jones and Company aren’t THIS bad, but this collapse has been pretty epic. If Matt Ryan wants to get going in the right direction he could at least sorta feel better about his season with a big upset of their division rival. Panthers 31, Falcons 27

Dallas at Buffalo. A game that was expected to mean more at the beginning of the year is going to mean not much more than draft order. With injuries abound and tough defense, this might be a snoozer in store. Bills 20, Cowboys 10

Chicago at Tampa Bay. Neither team has been great this year, but both played better than expected. There will either be a lot of points or a lot of turnovers. Should be fun to see both Alshon Jeffery and Mike Evans dominate. Buccaneers 24, Bears 20

Cleveland at Kansas City. Can it get worse for the Browns? They’ve been playing okay considering how down they are, but did they need two more DUI’s this year? Way to control that clubhouse, Mike Pettine. Still think they should have gone with an established guy to lead that team. Meanwhile, the Chiefs will be playing to their strength as the run game will be in full effect. Chiefs 28, Browns 14

San Francisco at Detroit. The Lions have been one of those better teams in the second half of the season. The 49ers have been playing better with Blaine Gabbert, too. Who woulda thunk that? Stafford has been really good. Golden Tate has been even better than Calvin Johnson. Lions 30, 49ers 21

Houston at Tennessee. It’s tough to have tons of confidence in Brandon Weeden. But Zach Mettenberger isn’t much better and the teams that these guys are playing for are pretty far apart. If JJ Watt has to play some more offense to get the Texans to a division crown then it will happen. Trust. Texans 27, Titans 23

Indianapolis at Miami. The Dolphins are getting things together even while they fail to get the ball to Lamar Miller. The guy is likely to walk in free agency, but there’s a nice nucleus in Miami. The Colts need a young back and a revamped offensive line. Andrew Luck better play mad when he comes back from injury. Dolphins 38, Colts 24

New England at NYJ. While New York is slowly changing their offensive mindset, the defense hasn’t been as powerful as hoped. The Pats have so many interchangeable parts it would make sense if they didn’t have anyone still playing these last two weeks. Can’t imagine them not wanting to put the Jets away. Patriots 34, Jets 27

Pittsburgh at Baltimore. A different Ravens team is playing that beat the Steelers earlier in the year. This is a different Pittsburgh team too though. Even if Matt Schaub is able to play it’s tough to think this team will be able to stop Pitt on the defensive side of the ball. Maybe the Ravens will surprise us and score some points. Can’t turn the ball over. Steelers 33, Ravens 24

Jacksonville at New Orleans. Drew Brees was able to lose another game after a big win over the Falcons. And while the Jags will likely torch the New Orleans secondary but something tells me the Saints will find a way to come away with one more big home win to close out the season. Saints 35, Jaguars 27

Green Bay at Arizona. A very good game with two teams that are playing really well. With all the talk of Carson Palmer as MVP, David Johnson has been awesome. Look for the running game to be the difference in this one. Cardinals 31, Packers 20

St. Louis at Seattle. Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin are rolling into the postseason. The Seahawks and Steelers already played once this season, will it happen again? And Todd Gurley has been great despite playing on an offense that has been terrible in spite of him. Should be a fun game to watch either way. Seahawks 24, Rams 21

NYG at Minnesota. Without OBJ the Giants will have to look for Rashad Jennings to run the ball effectively and Rueben Randle to make some plays in the passing game. I think the Vikings defense will have more of a say in things as Eli Manning will make some big mistakes against this tough secondary. Will Adrian Peterson play? Vikings 20, Giants 16

Cincinnati at Denver. Osweiler has to open up the offense as the Bengals will try to replicate what was done to Denver last week. AJ Green has to get open and, more importantly, the Bengals need to get back to sharing the ball on an offense only as explosive as given the opportunity. With AJ McCarron at the helm it’s tough to expect much more. Bengals 24, Broncos 23



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