The Infallible NFL Week 15 Straight Picks

Whether it was a funny week or I just made terrible choices on how the games would go, things didn’t exactly go as planned. Could’ve been worse. But there’s a lot of teams that just when they look like they have quit on the season they go and win a game that we expect them to lose. Then there’s the teams that we have finally decided to trust after they win consecutive games we decide that they aren’t a fluke, and then those teams decide to lose. So here we sit with three games to go and one undefeated team left. What’s gonna happen? I’ll tell ya….

Week 14. 9-7.

Overall. 129-76

Tampa Bay at St. Louis. Can’t figure out the Bucs and the Rams depend on tough defense and a running game. After the way Todd Gurley looked last week I think he’s in for another solid game, provided the offense doesn’t do anything stupid with the ball. Rams 27, Buccaneers 24

NYJ at Dallas. Two good defenses. One bad offense. Translation: Jets move closer to a playoff spot that they will eventually lose due to some kind of choking job. Jets 17, Cowboys 13

Atlanta at Jacksonville. Blake Bortles is playing great and Matt Ryan hasn’t played worse. Two teams going in different directions will continue to do so, especially with Jax playing at home. Jaguars 30, Falcons 21

Buffalo at Washington. Who knew playing the NFC East would be a bad thing for the Bills? They are talented team devoid of real winners. Maybe Taylor is, but he’s not there yet. And how come this big-name defense is giving up so many points? This just in: Kirk Cousins is better than RGIII. Redskins 28, Bills 26

No caption is needed.
No caption is needed.

Chicago at Minnesota. The Vikings stole this game from the Bears the last time they played and Chicago has been regularly choking since. Not sure this game will even be close enough to choke away this time. Vikings 24, Bears 13

Tennessee at New England. Trap game? We know the Pats can lose to bad teams. What? You don’t think Philly is good, do you? Look for lots of Mariota to Walker and not much else. Patriots 35, Titans 28

Houston at Indianapolis. Wow, the Colts suck. Didn’t want to believe it at the beginning of the season. Everyone (myself included) wanted to believe Indy would get itself together and win the division. Not so fast. The Texans haven’t quite ran away with anything yet. Probably because Arian Foster is hurt (see what I did there?) Texans 24, Colts 17

Kansas City at Baltimore. Jimmy Clausen wasn’t a winner in college. Throwing 43 times in a game is a bad sign for the Ravens. They better contain Jeremy Maclin or this game will get out of hand quickly. Chiefs 31, Ravens 27

Carolina at NYG. Upset special? I wanna say yes. But the Giants are so one-dimensional and the Panthers are so good on defense that if Luke Kuechley and Josh Norman double-teamed Odell Beckham the whole game I still don’t see the Giants finding a way to win it (or run it). Panthers 27, Giants 23

Cleveland at Seattle. Two teams coming off good wins. One coach that eventually learned to keep his mouth shut. One coach that better learn to keep his mouth shut. Russell is better than Johnny and this game won’t be terribly close. Seahawks 23, Browns 17

Green Bay at Oakland. Does Aaron Rodgers have the magic touch again? Well, hopefully Eddie Lacy still remembers how to run the ball. Khalil Mack is an absolute beast. Five sacks in one game?!? Don’t expect that to happen in this one. Packers 30, Raiders 20

Well, at least his wife's hot.
Well, at least his wife’s hot.

Cincinnati at San Francisco. AJ Green is on fire right now, but Andy Dalton is out forever maybe. Good thing they play the 49ers this week. They suck. Bengals 24, 49ers 10

Denver at Pittsburgh. Not sure who the hottest team in the league is right now, but if I had to choose I’d probably say the Steelers. Brock Osweiler has done some impressive things so far this season and even if Peyton Manning made some miraculous return I don’t think he’d be able to take down this hot team on the road. Steelers 27, Broncos 21

Miami at San Diego. In a game nobody cares about and nobody plays defense, Philip Rivers will continue to not suck and Lamar Miller better get the ball if the Dolphins want to win. My money is on Jarvis Landry getting some obscene penalty to lose the game. Chargers 34, Dolphins 31

Arizona at Philadelphia. The Eagles may be putting it together at the right time. Unfortunately, they haven’t been playing defenses like the one they will see this week. Carson Palmer continues to direct the offense wonderfully. Cardinals 27, Eagles 22

Detroit at New Orleans. At least there are stars (old ones) in this game. These teams may have underachieved. Or maybe they were never any good. Either way, this will either be a game with a lot of points or one that I will turn off at halftime. Saints 24, Lions 21


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