The Infallible NFL Week 14 Straight Picks

Another okay week with a few surprises (how did Chicago blow that one?) as well as a few obvious matchups that I just fed into hype on (are you serious Minnesota?). All in all it wasn’t a bad week. The playoffs haven’t really gotten all that clearer, so hopefully this week sort of helps out in that department. Let’s take a look at what’s on the schedule.



490b6db7a34313fec003b923d8efcf18Minnesota at Arizona. A good Thursday night game that most people think will be a good chance for the Cardinals to take advantage of  Minnesota with the deep ball. But David Johnson needs to continue his stellar play. This should be closer than most will give it credit for. Cardinals 24, Vikings 17

Atlanta at Carolina. Why do I keep letting the Falcons play with my emotions? Well I’m done. No more bullshit. Matt Ryan can take a seat on the Fantasy Football bench and say goodbye to the playoffs. Or will he? With my luck the Panthers will finally lay an egg. Or not. Panthers 30, Falcons 28

Buffalo at Philadelphia. LeSean vs. Chip Kelly. But more importantly, Tyrod Taylor vs. the Eagles cornerbacks. If the Bills can take advantage of speed players McCoy and Watkins and Charles Clay can make a catch or two this should be fun. Bills 24, Eagles 23

Washington at Chicago. What can you even expect? Perhaps the unexpected? The Redskins are an anomaly of a different kind and the Bears somehow are still staying in games with a crap defense. Redskins 30, Bears 13

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati. This should be a great game. Cincy is really playing well right now and everything is working right now. Can the Steelers slow down the offense while keeping their own attack in high gear? Will be tough to do on the road. Bengals 34, Steelers 30

San Francisco at Cleveland. San Fran isn’t really much better than the Browns but there’s just too much going on to get it together at the right time. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Manziel play well but the 49ers are actually playing some decent ball right now. 49ers 23, Browns 14

Detroit at St. Louis. Look for Todd Gurley to get it going again even though he’s facing a revitalized Lions run defense. Don’t count out Matthew Stafford yet. He’s been playing really well. But the Lions are outta the race for anything so expect a dominating performance from the Rams. Rams 20, Lions 13

Tennessee at NYJ. Marcus Mariota is playing really well with no much of an offense. He’s gonna need something special is Darrelle Revis is back. Chris Ivory should be in for a busy day. Jets 27, Titans 23

Indianapolis at Jacksonville. Not really sure who’s playing better right now but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Blake Bortles’ newfound confidence helps the Jags pull off an “upset”. Jaguars 28, Colts 21

c474fb55477c4b6302014ed75614280cSan Diego at Kansas City. The Chargers continue their free-fall while the Chiefs continue to keep it going (even with two backs now manning the backfield instead of one). Jeremy Maclin continues his hot play and Alex Smith looks like something close to a first round pick (but never a #1 pick). Chiefs 35, Chargers 24

New Orleans at Tampa Bay. The Bucs continue to play well and last week against the Falcons was just another big game for a team that’s finally gotten healthy. Meanwhile, the Saints couldn’t stop a nosebleed. Doug Martin should have a field day and Tampa should get enough stops to continue a surprising run. Buccaneers 28, Saints 20

Seattle at Baltimore. Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are peaking at the right time. The Ravens might be able to keep up in this game even without any real stars from the beginning of the season. The Ravens had at least 2 scores taken away from them last week (taken, as in “ripped from the hands”) by officials and shouldn’t have lost. They will keep fighting. Seahawks 24, Ravens 20

Oakland at Denver. Not sure why Osweiler keeps winning but he does. This Bronco defense isn’t too shabby either. Oakland should push them a good bit but it will have to be in the passing game. Derek Carr needs to get it going again after a couple so-so games. Broncos 28, Raiders 23

Dallas at Green Bay. Just when you think the Cowboys are done, the Redskins let them back in. Not sure their opponent this week will be so kind. Aaron Rodgers still hasn’t figured everything out, but they are slowly getting it back together. That hail mary pass was pretty ridiculous, right? Packers 31, Cowboys 13

New England at Houston.  Can Tom Brady stop the bleeding? Actually, it’s amazing it hasn’t happened sooner. With all the injuries on offense, it makes sense that the Patriots would hit a bump in the road or two. That bump may go by the name of JJ Watt, but Brian Hoyer has been getting enough out the offense to keep teams honest. Will the streak continue? Texans 27, Patriots 20

NYG at Miami. The Giants offense is awesome, but their defense is terrible. The Dolphins defense is getting better (and should be better than they are), but the offense is stagnant at best. If the Giants can’t stop this offense or if this offense can’t stop on this defense then you know what will be the end result. Dolphins 35, Giants 31


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