Bro-n Appetite: Buffalo Bacon Breadcrumb Burger

Notice the bacon breadcrumbs stuff inside the burger. Salivating?
Notice the bacon breadcrumbs stuff inside the burger. Salivating?

Do you like alliteration? No? Don’t know what that is? Tough shit. Unoriginal names aside, if you’re a fan of surprise on the inside (and that could mean literally ANYTHING) then check it out. And if you like contrasting tastes without completely ruining the dish, then get on board with this. There’s not too many things I can think of that wouldn’t go great with bacon but there’s one thing I don’t think would ever be a bad idea; beer. While specialty items may or may not make recipes that much better I can safely say that it’s going to be good regardless of what you use. So don’t fret about getting brand-name shit just for the sake of it. Unless you’re an asshole and purposely leave the ingredients out for all to see just so they know how much you spent then it’s not a big deal. And this is a roundabout idea of what you should have:

80% chuck beef
olive oil
Parmesan cheese
Italian seasoning
craft brew
sweet and smoky seasoning
old bay
BBQ sauce

  1. Throw the burger meat into a bowl. Toss in or grate in some Parmesan cheese (I sometimes use Asiago too), shake in some BBQ sauce (Jack Daniels’ usually does the trick), sprinkle in some salt and pepper, sweet and smokey seasoning, and a handful of Old Bay seasoning then mix together.
  2. Get some bacon on the stove and add in some kind of craft beer (Bud Light doesn’t count). Cook it well but don’t burn it. Still, it’s gotta be cooked enough so that’s it’s not chewy. Two or three pieces oughta do the trick. Then break it up into tiny pieces without completely crumbling them.
  3. Creating the breadcrumbs is simple. Break up the bread piece by piece (and if the person you’re making it for doesn’t like crusts make sure to do that shit too). Pour in enough olive oil to soak up the bread without drenching them or wait to mix the two. Add some Italian seasoning for a little extra bite and you’re good to go.
  4. Now that the breadcrumbs and the burgers are mixed you must combine the two. Create an indentation of sorts while rolling the burgers and nestle in the breadcrumbs. Then sandwich the crumbs with more beef and roll em up before patting them down good.



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