5 Best Reality Shows for Bros

The Amazing Race. Because you are amazing and you always win. And you like beating people that are inferior.

The Bachelor. Again, you always win. And in the very least there are 20 broads that are trying to sleep with you.

Cheaters. Even if you are potentially one of the guys on this show it’s still always hilarious watching the former host get stabbed. And if you aren’t other these dudes, good job hiding the truth…..

Mountain Men. Survivalists in their element making the other situational reality shows look silly. Try walking barefoot living in Montana (shoutout to hippie Cody on Dual Survival).

Million Dollar Listing. Yeah, it’s gotten Hollywood and scripted. But it’s still hilarious and it’s not a difficult job. So it’s nice to remember that literally ANYONE with a pulse can go to LA and make millions of dollars if they wanted.


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