The Infallible NFL Week 11 Straight Picks

Don’t remember whether it was Week 2 or 3 but whenever it was I assumed it couldn’t get much worse. Last week, of course, had overtime games and last second field goals galore. There was every reason not to have a perfect week as far as picks go, but only 3 right? Wow. It started horribly and ended horrendously. On top of that, we saw a few big injuries to good teams and now the complexion of the playoffs is less direct. Who really knows what is going to happen from here on out? I still think I do.



Tennessee at Jacksonville. Good and bad breaks last week lead us to a matchup where Marcus Mariota is carrying the team as a rookie and Blake Bortles is coming into his own in his second year. While the WRs might be the difference in this one, I’d like to think Mariota will continue to impress. Titans 24, Jaguars 20

Indianapolis at Atlanta. The Falcons should probably be unbeaten based on the games they’ve played thus far, the Colts should be better too and yet they are still “leading” their division. The collective records might not be great but this will still be a decent game if both teams come to play. Get ready for a heavy dose of Julio Jones. Falcons 31, Colts 17

Denver at Chicago. Two teams surprisingly going in different directions. No way the Broncos are that bad that they can’t score on this Bears defense. And the Broncos defense is still very good despite the way they played last week against the Chiefs. Broncos 28, Bears 24

Dallas at Miami. If Tony Romo is back then this game might be a blowout. Still, the Dolphins have been solid on offense of late and that won’t likely change on Sunday. Jay Ajayi looks like a great complement to the dynamic Lamar Miller. Dolphins 26, Cowboys 21

Oakland at Detroit. Did anyone else picks the Lions over the Packers? The Raiders also seem to be pretty hit or miss. Calvin Johnson is getting it together at the right time. Lions 24, Raiders 17

St. Louis at Baltimore. Bad luck and close games for the Ravens while the Rams have had an ineffective quarterback. What gives in the game played between two teams not exactly playing for much of anything? Ravens 31, Rams 17

NYJ at Houston. Another tough loss for the Jets as well as a tough game for Jets fans who are colorblind. Meanwhile, JJ Watt throws shade at Andy Dalton. Hilarious! Texans 23, Jets 18

Tampa Bay at Philadelphia. If this was Week 1 it would be a blowout, but based on what we know now who really has any idea what will happen? The Bucs have been the luckiest team in the league. Eagles 35, Buccaneers 23

Washington at Carolina. This game is actually sort of interesting after the Skins blew out the Saints. Then again, New Orleans’ defense is nowhere near as good as the Panthers’. Cam Newton is the leading candidate for NFL MVP right now. Sorry Tom Brady. Panthers 27, Redskins 24

Kansas City at San Diego. Who’s on the Chargers anymore? Rivers? Gates? Weddle? Nothing changes. Charcandrick West is stepping up at the right time because the Chiefs need some offense to get to the playoffs. Chargers 20, Chiefs 16

Green Bay at Minnesota. The Vikings are pretty good. Their defense is better than their offense and totally not the one that gets the publicity. Unfortunately, people are blaming Olivia Munn for Aaron Rodgers’ shaky play. Bad timing for Minnesota. Good motivation for Green Bay. Packers 34, Vikings 24

San Francisco at Seattle. Totally a great matchup two years ago. Even the Seahawks have been underwhelming. The 49ers have surprised even while playing next to no one with a household name. Welp, Seattle is playing at home. Seahawks 24, 49ers 14

Cincinnati at Arizona. Not too many people could have predicated the Texans to beat the Bengals. But this one is going to be plenty interesting as Carson Palmer plays his old mates. Cardinals 30, Bengals 20

Buffalo at New England. The Pats dodged a bullet last week and will seemingly reload with an injured Edelman out for the foreseeable future. The Bills are playing pretty well right now but this isn’t a home game and their defense still isn’t shutting down opponents in the fashion needed to steal one from Tom Brady and Co. Patriots 33, Bills 28


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