Legendary Debate of the Week: Yoga Pants Versus Mini Skirts

437b5d8b30cd1586442619e9f8fffceaOn the outside this may seem like the easiest of debates, and rightfully so. But at the end of the day, what would you rather check out on every girl (ones with the figure to do so), yoga pants or mini skirts? Yoga pants are so popular these days that the mere idea of actually going to yoga is beyond most wearers of the pants. Instead, most women like to enjoy the casual feel while still managing to showcase various assets that would otherwise go unnoticed if merely wearing baggy sweats. Mini skirts have been around much longer but are still very much fashionable and attractive on various types of women. The lack of discernible negatives (for men) is what this debate is all about.

There is no legal or classier way of saying “I have great ASSets” than by finding a perfect-fitting pair of yoga pants. Perhaps most think that any pair will do, but that’s just not so. Some yoga pants are too baggy in certain areas or in some cases don’t provide enough give. While yoga pants make women feel comfy and still feel sexy, sometimes that comfort level travels up north to their face. If you’re able to get away with going out of the house without makeup on then good for you. But if you’re not one of the lucky few, then you’re perpetuating a negative aspect of those that are scaling back with their de facto sweat pants on.

e27888cd446da29d8ded9640cbdca897Mini skirts have their many qualities, including but not limited to: the showing off of quality stems, ass, and the easy access in difficult situations. But there is a time when the mini skirt goes wrong. There is such a thing as the mini skirt fail. Just because you have a nice figure doesn’t mean what you’re wearing is flattering. This isn’t about body-shaming. In fact, it’s the polar opposite. It’s just the idea that wearing the smallest thing you can find doesn’t always highlight your finer points.

One could argue that yoga pants are more functional and thus are worn more often, but what really looks better when at its best. Is it the dressed down, confident look that most pull off because there’s just no good substitute for the natural gifts that make us swoon in the first place? Or is it the sleek, sexy look that is dressed up and also contours the body’s curves but leaves less to the imagination?


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