Open Bar

Eat, drink, and don't stress about money.
Eat, drink, and don’t stress about money.

It’s like you have a free-flowing amount of alcohol, food, and good times at your finger tips. Sure, all-inclusive trips may require up-front payments and saving money till the big week comes. But when you go on your trip you don’t have anything to worry about. Hell, you don’t HAVE TO tip anyone. You’re probably a cheap bastard if you’re not going to tip at all at a fancy restaurant, but you essentially already paid a couple hundred bucks for whatever it is you just ate and drank anyways.

Drinks at the bar are ballooned in price as is, so getting as much as you can out of each day isn’t a bad thing. Besides, when you go on vacations you likely spend money while there as well either way. So when you spend a hundred bucks or so on day trips it’s just not that big of a deal in comparison. The trick is to find the least expensive way to live like you spent a mini fortune on the trip. All-inclusive trips let ordinary people live like you dream of living every day.

These kinds of trips make people wonder why anyone goes on vacations where you have to go outside the gate. Obviously this never works in areas where there’s rich history and attractions that are worthy of your attention. It also helps when the area you are staying in has a high rate of kidnappings (aka any place south this country). So when you get the chance to plan ahead, take a look into an all-inclusive trip.

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