The Infallible NFL Week 6 Straight Picks

Things have been up and down so far this season and while I am confident in this week’s matchups more than most weeks, there’s still some cause for concern. A couple games feature teams with similar poor records and are just really tough to choose in the end. It already started with a spirited display by the New Orleans Saints who were essentially playing for their season at home against the Atlanta Falcons. This would be a down week given the recent pattern. And given the Thursday night loss it’s tough to have much hope. But then again, I’d like to always think I’m right. So here’s to hoping. And here’s a segmented version of my weekly previews because I’m busy through the day.

Week 5. 11-3

Overall. 49-25

Atlanta at New Orleans. Already got that shit wrong. My b.

Cincinnati at Buffalo. EJ Manuel has a good arm but does he have the same intangibles of a Tyrod Taylor? Probably not. The Bengal offense is playing awesome right now. The Bills are good, but can they stop all the other weapons Cincy has when Green and Hill are slowed? Bengals 24, Bills 17

Chicago at Detroit. Jay Cutler has brought the Bears back after they were on the brink of disaster. The Lions have to get it together now and it will happen. Big game for Stafford, Johnson, Tate, AND Riddick. Lions 27, Bears 21

Denver at Cleveland. After a surprising road win at Baltimore there’s probably some hope in the Mistake by the Lake. This is the wrong week for hope. Even without Demarcus Ware, the Denver D is outmatching the Browns. With that said, expect more points for Cleveland than you’d expect. Just don’t expect the score to be close. Broncos 38, Browns 28

Miami at Tennessee. Change has gotta do some good and Lamar Miller and Ryan Tannehill need to turn their seasons around along with their team. The Titans have talent and are unpredictable. But I’m going to try anyways. Dolphins 17, Titans 13

7004c2ab450512c6c0934fcf9221a0e9Kansas City at Minnesota. The Vikings are very good on defense. Teddy Bridgewater is starting to pick up his play and so is Adrian Peterson. Can Charcandrick West at least try to ease the pain of losing Jamaal Charles to a season-ending injury? Vikings 24, Chiefs 21

Washington at NYJ. The Redskins have shown some promise on offense and defense alike, but there have just been too many untimely mistakes. The Jets don’t make mistakes and that’s why this one won’t be as close as most are giving Washington credit for. Jets 27, Redskins 14

Arizona at Pittsburgh. Vick hasn’t been great for the Steelers but they are winning some. Carson Palmer has been great and Chris Johnson has been a pleasant surprise even with Andre Ellington back in the fold. It’s perfect weather at home for this one. Steelers 28, Cardinals 24

Houston at Jacksonville. With JJ Watt on the sideline who will be the catalyst? Brian Hoyer was great in a pinch last week and just came up short. The Jags are better than you think. How good are they? Texans 34, Jaguars 24

Carolina at Seattle. Cam Newton has been great so far. The defense has been even better. And the Seahawks have a defense on the rise again. This game is too important for Seattle to lose. Seahawks 26, Panthers 24

San Diego at Green Bay. San Diego is a really good team this year, but this just isn’t the team they are going to beat right now. Even without Jordy Nelson and with Randall Cobb deferring to James Jones, there’s been guys like Ty Montgomery stepping up. Packers 30, Chargers 27

Baltimore at San Francisco. This is the absolute last chance for these teams. If Justin Forsett can’t go, then this will be a tough one for the Ravens to win. And if Colin Kaepernick can’t throw the ball against this pass defense then he should just quit. Ravens 24, 49ers 20

New England at Indianapolis. Tom Brady’s dad wants the Pats to score 60. Not sure that’s gonna happen, but it very well could. The Colts defense is terrible and they’re struggling even though they’re winning. Patriots 48, Colts 34

NYG at Philadelphia. Odell Beckham not being healthy might be the most important part of New York’s chances of winning. I’d love to see how Sam Bradford plays with a lead because he’s been great coming back in games. Eagles 35, Giants 31

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