Best Boy Band Singles of All-Time

Whether you listen to music on Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, XM, FM, CDs or tapes; kicking it to old school music is never a bad idea. I find myself on Pandora on drives home from work listening to the Boy Band Channel. Sure, yuck it up. But if you tell me you didn’t listen to boy bands then you’re full of shit. Besides, it’s what the cool kids do late at night. Anyways, the obvious groups are included or at least considered. However, contrary to what Pandora (and other music apps) say, KC and JoJo (among others) aren’t considered a boy band. B2K is, their music just sucked. It’s a genre that stretched from the mid-80s all the time to current day where One Direction sort of continue to make music. You could argue that the Jackson 5 fit the category but they weren’t all boys and Motown and boy bands shouldn’t cross over. And if you’re considering The Jonas Brothers a boy band then you’d have say the same for Hanson, which is not close at all.

Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way. I’m not the absolute worst singer ever. I was in choir in high school. But I can’t hit the notes Brian Littrell does in this ballad of awesomeness. I think I hear this song twice a week and can’t help but belt it out with the volume up because it never gets annoying. Does anyone else see Shanna Moakler about to piss her pants when Nick Carter winks his eye in the airport scene later in the video? Maybe that’s just me.

N’Sync – Tearin’ Up My Heart. My favorite song from these guys. One of the less imaginative music videos (or ripped from the “As Long As You Love Me” BSB video) from NSYNC, but totally doesn’t matter because it’s that blood-pumping anthem you can’t help but feel goofy and awesome at life at the same damn time (because I need a reference to terrible hip hop music of current to keep the little kids interested).

Boyz II Men – Motown Philly. Aside from “Can’t Let Her Go” and maybe a couple other singles that I’m not remembering, however early in their career, this is the up-tempo tune from this group that everyone remembers.

BB Mak – Back Here. I know, I know. There’s definitely other songs from the more popular groups that otherwise should be mentioned. But if you’re considering airplay and the fact that I’m writing this and not you, then you can agree to disagree all you want. But really, this song is through and through a period piece. Not really complex in lyrics or anything particular, but earnest and honest and pleasing to the ear (however corny it may be).

5ive – When the Lights Go Out. Never really got what their name meant. I think they were trying to be too clever or cute for their own good (or whatever dumb ass exec thought of the name). But I remember these dudes on TRL thinking they were not going to suck for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, I was wrong and we never got to find out what happened to their career when…..

New Kids on the Block – You Got It(The Right Stuff). A memorable hook with upbeat dancing AND a power ballad feel? Sign me up. Donnie might’ve had the better music career, but Mark def has the better reality show (code for not needing one because reality shows are for fucking has-beens).

All 4 One – I Swear. Speaking of the corniest songs ever. Perhaps the last song I would be caught cranking with the windows down. Gotta be super-loud and super-proud to bump this old school jam. There’s a reason corny movies use this song to make fun of themselves.

One Direction – One Thing. So “What Makes You Beautiful” is obviously the go-to if you’re talkin’ most played song in the history of time. But if you’re talking the best song on that album assuming it’s not a different one (and I’d know because I own it, uh huh), then we’re talking the second single released.

LFO – Summer Girls. I still think it’s fly. And this was easily the lamest lyrics for any group ever. But it worked because it wasn’t like they were trying to win Grammys for Best Song or anything extraordinary. Dudes sold record. Even with their scooby snacked lyrics.

98 Degrees – Because of You. Many of you probably wanted these guys to jump from the Golden Gate Bridge (I think that’s where they were, not looking at the video at the moment), but I actually liked this one.

Backstreet Boys- Quit Playing Games. Who else remembers the rain-soaked debut for the best boy band of all-time? Yeah, a little much for my tastes. Still, this is one of the happier sounding (though not happy message) songs the Boys put out.

N’Sync – Bye, Bye, Bye. I was tempted to post a video of my friends and I at a wedding but I’m pretty sure it’s actually already on here. Anyways, if you don’t know the dance moves to this one then you probably suck at Dance, Dance, Revolution (not that I’ve ever played that shit).

Boyz II Men – End of the Road. Before these guys ballooned and then decided to do songs for McDonald’s commercials, they were the biggest thing in music and dropping panties like it was 1999 well before it was 1999.

O-Town – All or Nothing. Probably the only reality show group to not completely suck (and if you say Dannity Kane then I hate you). Too bad they couldn’t put out more than an album or two (my fact-checking sucks, I think they put out a second one). Unfortunately that guy Ashley Angel or whatever his name was decided to have a reality show and proceed to suck.

New Kids on the Block – I’ll Be Loving You. I didn’t think it was possible for dudes to sing this high until I heard this song. If you think Hanson’s “Mmmbop” sounds like little girls are singin, then you haven’t heard Joey McIntyre (or was it Jordan Knight) crooning in this one.

98 Degrees – The Hardest Thing. Girls might contend that the song with Nick Lachey or that Jeff guy dancing around with their shirts off is a better song, but you’re not listening ladies.

Boyz II Men – I’ll Make Love To You. There’s just too much to consider from these 4 guys from Philly that wanted to sing, but this is a perfect example of what you get when you have some big dude with a low voice that talks soft and steals your girl.

N’Sync – I Drive Myself Crazy. I know there’s other songs you might pick. Is it wrong that I like other members than Justin Timberlake? If only JC Chasez didn’t get cocky when he started dating Eva Longoria. Sike, his solo career still would’ve blown.

One Direction – Best Song Ever. Not really sure what songs they’ve put out in the last year or so. Keeping up with anything new not released by Drake or someone else not named Drake (I’m seriously blanking) is tough. So we will say this belongs even though my boy band knowledge might lead me to disagree.

Backstreet Boys – Backstreet’s Back (Alright). Probably the only song I still actually think I’m cool for listening to when other people can hear (even though I’m obviously kidding myself). But the music video just screams best Halloween video of my life.




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