5 Hip Hop Remixes We’d Love To See

For all the successful remixes of hip hop like Lupe Fiasco’s take on Modest Mouse’s “Float On” or the use of The Jeffersons “Movin On Up by Dubois in a one-hit wonder by B Rich with “Whoa Now”, there’s Diddy with “Come With Me” ripping Led Zeppelin or Diddy with “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” taking direct lyrics from

Hanson – MmmBop. Is there no more emasculating song than one of a pseudo-boy band that hadn’t even reached puberty? And yet, think about how great you can make a snippet from the refrain if remastered correctly? There’s guys out there would could pull it off. I wouldn’t say Eminem or Kanye, but Wiz Khalifa? Think about it. Maybe Chris Brown could sit in as the de facto Taylor Hanson (jokes, sort of).

Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody. What song does every girl ever know all the words to (and me)? You guessed it. The only talk of the Houston/Brown name in recent years has negative shit. Hell, you could make a pretty corny song one way or another. Pitbull is the king of corny closely followed by Flo Rida. Just an idea.

Hootie and the Blowfish – Only Wanna Be With You. For a dude that’s as popular as he is (and I don’t care for his current music), you’d think there’d be some kind of awesome remix. Thankfully there’s a reunion tour in the works. Bring back Hootie! Also, is Kanye West looking for an better ode to Kim Kardashian than “Golddigger”? Yahtzee!

Shaggy – It Wasn’t Me. So this isn’t as poppy as the other songs, but you could argue that Whitney Houston is R & B and this is my list so deal with it. Not so much worried about the words from the song, though I’m sure you could find a relevant subject to apply that theme to. But the instrumentals are a nice rhythm and otherwise would not so terrible if Tyga jumped on a track like that. Or if you’re terribly upset about Serena Williams losing yesterday you could throw Drake on the track professing that he had nothing to do with her loss. But that’s a stretch.

Michael Jackson – Black or White. Besides the fact that this would be culturally relevant, it would be pretty bad ass if there were something upbeat and hopeful with the hook and/or instrumentals. Then again, you could probably pull up 10 different Michael Jackson songs to use. Definitely something I’d see Kendrick Lamar jump on board for.



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