5 Biggest Bros: MLB

8d8e11561ab2e45365f0efb16b6fffa1Matt Kemp. He’s dated women not named Rihanna. But even being a part of that love hexagon or whatever is notable enough. He’s had a solid career in LA and is slightly still relevant in San Diego. But he’s in San Diego, where he’s obvi slaying serious talent. Still young enough and talented enough to swing some relevant broads. Khloe Kardashian isn’t my cup of tea, but she was good enough a couple years ago when she wasn’t quite as big or popular as she (or her ass) is now.

459a3cc4d060798e498f1a6673060df6Bryce Harper. Okay, so he’s married. And not too many people like him that don’t live in Washington, D.C. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t belong on this list. Harper’s antics are what keep his over-the-top persona going. Add to that the fact that he’s stayed healthy this season and started putting up big boy numbers and he’s still a youngin’.

ace0f88d9835fe11b4a1ae9e1054ea16AJ Pierzynski. Not even really worried about the women in his life. This guy has made a career out of doing a mediocre player with tons of energy that everyone seems to hate in the clubhouse. And yet he keeps finding jobs. He’s actually been hitting cleanup for the Atlanta Braves for most of this season despite being old and not much of a power hitter.

99308953f8828d09a708c118ebec8942Derek Jeter. Uh, yeah I know. The dude retired last year. But he cleans up more than a majority of the pros currently out there. He dated Mariah Carey before she went crazy and got fat. He hit up Vanessa Minillo while she was still relevant (being married to Nick Lachey doesn’t count). He even had Jessica Biel before she got hitched to Justin Timberlake. On top of that that he’s had Jessica Alba, Vida Guerra, Minka Kelly, Scarlett Johansson, Adriana Lima, and current chick Hannah Davis. We haven’t even touched on the things he’s actually done ON the field.

a33de9f43ddd839e7f0e254e519e56e2Justin Verlander. Kate Upton isn’t what she once was. But that doesn’t mean she’s been passed around professional athletes circles the way Alyssa Milano was. Rather, she has cooled down now that she has become “an actual model” rather than the hot chick with big boobs that does the latest dance craze for YouTube hits. Verlander on the other hand has managed to lock down this hottie in spite of his poor play on the field. While he has experienced a recent mini-rebirth, the former Cy Young can’t complain about where he remains.



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