The Snowman

Wagner Moura as drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar.
Wagner Moura as drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar.

As if Netflix needed to give you another reason to watch. First it was House of Cards then it was Orange Is the New Black. There’s undoubtedly been some other good ones in between such as Bloodline, Hemlock Grove, and continuations of The Killing, Wet Hot American Summer and Arrested Development. But it’s the most recently released original from Netflix that has me most excited. If you haven’t taken the time to sit down and watch the series about Pablo Escobar, Narcos, then you’re in for a treat.

Whether Entourage had some insider on what scripts were going around various circles and how soon we’d see movies like The Great Gatsby and Aquaman, this particular release has a sort of Vincent Chase feel to it with regards to its main character in notorious drug dealer Pablo Escobar. Narrated by the actor playing DEA agent Steve Murphy, you get a look into every angle of the rise to power of the Colombian drug cartel and just how much influence they had on present day.

From the beginning, each step is detailed of relationships of drug dealers to the ones behind closed doors (or at least bed room doors). Seriously, there’s literally regular conversations that could easily have been shot with two people at the bar sipping a cocktail and instead the two actors are vigorously getting after it in bed. I’m not complaining. They couldn’t have gotten a much better looking cast on the female end of things.

Conversely, with all the beautiful people all over this series, there’s tons of bloody scenes that were made famous by this particular drug war. Needless to say, PETA won’t take too kindly the animal abuse littered throughout the first season. Actually shot in Colombia, Narcos really does the country justice in terms of its beautiful beaches and extensive jungles. While most people can’t stand the thought of reading subtitles in 60 minute chunks, the time still feels longer but there’s just so much that happens making attention necessary to follow what’s happening. That’s not to say that they don’t speak in English. It’s mainly when speaking to non-friendly characters. Note: their favorite word is faggot. Never heard that word spoken so often. Guess it’s just a period piece.

But the lifestyle of a drug kingpin is just so interesting. Did you know Escobar had over 800s homes? How fucking ridiculous is that? Unless they are all really close, then it would have taken him over two years to spend a day at each of them. Ridiculous. And did you know the Colombian coke biz was making over 5 billion dollars a year? Still, giving up a couple million in ransom was not something the guy took lightly.

And as mentioned before, paying attention is really most important because keeping up with who each character is has got to be the most difficult part. I’m only supposed to wear glasses for driving at night (which I still don’t do unless it looks good with my outfit), but I didn’t think my vision was so bad that I couldn’t tell one Latino man from the other. Seriously, all these dudes look alike. That’s what they say about white guys, right?

There’s just so part of this series that makes you sort of like Pablo Escobar. Weird, I know. You manage to feel bad about him having to move his family from town to town as he is chased by the cops even when he’s having affairs left and right and killing dudes that just helped him evade the cops just a little bit longer. If you like Scarface or are one of those tools that has a poster from the movie framed in your house (I’m looking at you “every rapper ever on MTV Cribs), this blows that classic out of the water. So just watch this show before everyone and their mother is talking on social media about how great it is. Don’t be that guy that likes everything way after everyone else. Trust me, I’m a trendsetter.

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