A Cycle of Ineptitude

Yes, that is James Harden dating Khloe Kardashian (why? I don't know). But why are they hanging out with these winners?
Yes, that is James Harden dating Khloe Kardashian (why? I don’t know). But why are they hanging out with these winners?

The E! Channel’s Cycle House is hilarious and yet still not original by any stretch of the imagination. The premise of the show follows a handful of out of touch individuals from the LA-area around as they prepare for their career as stationary bike instructors (or life motivators as they seem to think). More focusing on the simple lives of an extra-stripper, brother/sister duo, and other over-dramatized characters doesn’t seem to provide much punch for a show that has to contend with the likes of The Kardashians and Caitlyn Jenner or whatever the name of the show is (though I may very well secretly be watching or forced to watch).

Cycle considers themselves the celebrities to the celebrities. I’d like to think that’s a direct quote but checking on that means watching that shit again and with all the re-runs on the E! Channel I’m not going to waste my time. Still, there are actually a few “celebrities” that make appearances from time to time. Though said celebrities are more attention whores whom already have existing deals with the home network rather than people you’d actually care about seeing. Getting paid thousands of dollars to ride a bike is hardly a skill. Having a nice ass is great for the cameras (and you will be able to tell real quick what I mean). But it’s not like these kids went to college for a degree in Exercise Science or anything that might actually prove that they have a fucking clue what they are doing. God damn Millennials finding an easy way to make a living with no talent.

I’d like to say more about a show that will inevitably make another appearance next year if only because there aren’t too many good reality shows out there/reality shows are a thing of the past when people actually wanted to forget about reality and feel like everything was alright. Now everyone is out there living and not interested in fame whores with little acting ability and even less human interest.

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