Paternal Figure

8a82b357052eb442c6579d7bfca20576What the fuck are Dad Bods? Apparently it’s the new thing that women find themselves attracted to for whatever reason. It’s like saying, “I’m not big into working out so I want someone that is too”, without just saying that you like being fluffy. And it works on both ends of the spectrum. Dudes get to comfortably live without pushing to the brink. The common description of said body type is a gym physique up top with a slight beer belly (or pony if you will).

I’m guessing this is the male equivalent to women that wear Spanx. It’s now acceptable to be something other that what is truly acceptable because people have now lowered their standards. And why does this happen? I’m not completely sure. The body shaming of old has taken to the glorification of curvy bodies and women that once didn’t feel comfortable with their god-given figures. Now women feel lacking when they don’t have big butts and/or big boobs that fill those miracle bras naturally.

So could the Dad Bod be the male answer to the year(s) of the curvy body/big butt? I guess you’d have to seriously find this shit attractive. I can’t seriously advocate for such a decision. I know, I know; it should be the best thing ever. Guys can now do even less work to be considered hot (I moreso referring to the guys that gotta try- not myself specifically). But it’s the complacency of looking average or worse that doesn’t make me feel too good. Here’s to bros doing even less work to look attractive while women will work harder and harder to keep us satisfied (and likely fail unless unusually gifted).

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