That Guy: Who Makes Things Awkward

Everyone knows the guy that can’t shut up and just doesn’t understand when it’s okay to say certain things. We’ll call it “Foot-in-mouth” syndrome. Whether it’s saying shit at the wrong time when trying to take a girl home or an inability to recognize various social cues and causing utter silence; this guy just doesn’t get it.

d84149d2291d39b6685e46396656fde9It’s not always his fault. He’s a nice guy. Hell, he probably doesn’t get laid all that often and his eagerness to say that right thing ends up with him blurting out whatever he’s thinking. But the guy just doesn’t know when the right time is to open his mouth. And it’s not like it’s always a bro with a complete lack in skills or good looks. Then again, there are weird fucking people out there in all shapes and sizes. Still, it doesn’t make taking your friends out with you too fun.

He’s great at fantasy football and getting wasted on day-time benders, but there’s just no bringing this kid near girls you’re interested in. And we’ve all been that guy here and there. Seriously. You’ve been there. But don’t let it become a habit. Once a girl thinks you’re a creeper it’s a lost fucking cause. Nevermind what your intentions are, timing is key. Don’t be an asshole.

Too often that guy just continues to open his mouth and say shit that he wouldn’t say at any other point in time. He’s just such a social ruh-tard that he can’t understand why standing and looking pretty may actually give him a better chance of getting laid. Listen, when we go out we say stupid shit and there’s usually always someone to clean things up. But if you’re the dude that says the wrong shit and does it often then you’ll always be that guy. Most bros strike out with relatively regularity. You only hear about the successes. But if you don’t get up to bat, then you’re gonna be batting .000 for life.

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