Show Your Real Face

fcb952615689755d93b4cba2a8335fbfFor all the various ways of meeting people out, there’s really no way to know whether you like someone until you have an actual date. Meeting girls at the bar, online, or through other friends tend to give us situations where we sort of get to know a girl without getting too serious too quickly. That’s all well and good, and there’s no perfect way to go about dating, but with all the superficial shit out these days it would be nice to see something fresh and honest.

Various dating apps are usually about what one thing; sex. Women want it. Men want it. Everyone wants it. Most dudes go about the wrong way and sometimes it works. Girls generally aren’t going to spread their legs the second someone asks if they want to get a drink and go out for a bit. But that doesn’t mean it never happens. Still, most females are looking to be eased in the situation without feeling like they are going to get kicked out the door the next morning.

Unfortunately, sometimes you get kicked out the door because we guys don’t remember you looking like Big Foot. I’m sure there’s dudes out there that use foundation and other beauty products. But it’s not likely that they are going around caking their faces for an hour before they take another two hours to decide what to wear. And therein lies the biggest issue with dating these days. Whether you’re showing yourself off in profile pictures or in public, or even if you’re taking pictures from college that are a handful of years old and feature your hottest friends with you mixed in somewhere, something has to be done to ensure you look the same the second I meet you.

Enter the dating site for people that is #IWokeUpLikeThis, #AuNaturale, etc., etc. It’s just too easy to crop shit nowadays. Taking a real picture or at least doing it with less makeup on will help girls come with the goods for real. I can’t tell you how unfortunate it was to go on dates with girls that would take better angled pictures (remember MySpace?) and somehow look vastly smaller (or larger, depending on your preferences) than in actuality. Dating online is currently like looking for a new house. There’s all these ridiculous dimensions and views that lead you to believe a house is better than it is, then you get inside (no pun intended) and it ain’t so great. I guess if you don’t have to pay much for it then it’s no bad. But putting in work for something isn’t up to par?!? No bueno.

Verification of recent pictures is the way to go. No one looks the same. Hell, I gained weight at the end of college and look better now. But everyone’s weight fluctuates. Between drinking beer, not wanting to go out during the Winter unless you’re drinking beer, and all the temptations to deal with while trying to diet (like drinking beer); I can understand how someone might not be as tight as they once were. And yet, you can prosecute for false advertising. Is there any way to keep people from being completely dumbasses and getting Catfished? I’d like to think this is a way around all of phoniness of dating.

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