Accessory to Tools

bluetoothThe 90s version of the fanny pack is alive and well. And it’s stuck in the ears of idiots all across the USA. Now I can’t help but stereotype here and tell you that it definitely is common to see someone driving a taxi or a person that finds themselves to be of importance with an earbud talking like a crazy person to no one.

As if holsters weren’t obnoxiously lame enough, someone decided to throw a chain on ’em and make them even gaudier and unfortunate. Similarly with phone clips, someone decided it was better to have a little microphone in front of your mouth like you’re working at a call center. I work with a dude that happens to have one of those “hands-free” devices and the only time I know he’s not talking to me is when he’s speaking in his native tongue (which I still haven’t deciphered in origin).

Everyone has speaker on their phone. No one thinks you’re important even if you do. If you need to literally show someone how important you are by taking calls on a headset, then you obviously are trying to make up for something else that you lack. Either that, or you just have no clue that it looks so dumb. I’ve never seen the show Undateable and I really don’t know what it’s about (though I have a few logical assumptions). However, if there were a show on such a subject (and there might have been on MTV a few years back), then this would be yet another weird think dudes would want to stay away from unless they are trying to stay away from girls.

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