Need for Speed

shittydriversGoing unnecessarily fast and annoying will get you ugly looks ugly. Going fast and putting someone else is danger is where it just gets excessive. Speeders have their own now-defunct show. They have their own lane. And yet for some reason people still go out of their way to be dicks. People get in the right lane and zoom past everyone and then wait until the last second to not use their turn signal and switch lanes.

The same people use through-streets (or whatever you call them) to drive fast and by-pass stop signals without realizing that there’s no parking on these roads because they are meant for pedestrians to walk through. I’m going to jump on the ever-growing bandwagon and say it must just be the millenials. No one is taught how to drive. There needs to be an IQ test/English exam (not just for the foreigners). People can’t read simple signs.

Stupid shit, like common courtesy has gone out the window. Instead of stepping out of the way or moving to the side to make room for both groups of people to fit on the sidewalk, assholes just throw their elbows out and act as if we are all in New York City (and we’re not). The same thing happens on the highway. Using your blinker should be a no-brainer, but for some reason a complete stranger thinks that I should intrinsically know that they are going to switch lanes right in front of me right as the other guy in front of me is hitting his brakes. I can’t wait for the time we fly in the clouds like The Jetsons and I don’t have to deal with any of that bullshit anymore.

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