5 Biggest Bros: NBA

An average looking dude (aside from his size) with way above average abilities.
An average looking dude (aside from his size) with way above average abilities.

LeBron James. Not much really needs to be said about the heir apparent to his Airness, but for all the shit this guy has taken he’s still managed to come out of it relatively unscathed. And while he’s the only one on this list that’s wifed up, if he is doing anything wrong he’s not getting caught (i.e. Kobe Bryant). Like most current athletes, James has his likeness on things that aren’t just sports-related and he’s thriving. There’s very few players in the history of the NBA that have the talent to make several other grown men actually want to move to Cleveland! LeBron doesn’t show up in the headlines often for doing anything too stupid, but why act up when you’ve won 2 championships, 4 MVPs, hosted various awards shows and SNL, and could still etch out a career in the NFL if he really wanted to?!?

Model or NBA player? Nah, he's not that pretty.
Model or NBA player? Nah, he’s not that pretty.

Russell Westbrook. It wasn’t until Darren Collison got hurt that Westbrook assumed the lead guard role at UCLA. And it really hasn’t been until Kevin Durant has gotten hurt that he has gotten the lead dog responsibilities in OKC. But this dude can play. We’ve known it for some time, but he’s an MVP-caliber talent and the guy can jump out of the gym. Similar to Anthony Davis, Westbrook was a late bloomer in high school. Winning the MVP at the recent NBA All-Star game is proof that he can be the best of the best. Now out with his own line of eyewear (because he wears glasses apparently?) and his own line of Jordans, Westbrook also happens to be a fashionable bro who takes it to another level (like NYC Fashion Week-type shit).

What else needs to be said, the guy is a diva.
What else needs to be said, the guy is a diva.

Nick Young. I know what you’re going to say, Swaggy P.? This guy’s a joke and so is his game. Well, you’re not half-wrong. Young’s game has gone downhill on a Lakers team with few bright spots thus far. But he’s more than just a self-assigned lame nick-name and large posterior-ed rapper girlfriend (Iggy Azalea), Nick Young is a personality. He’s the kind of guy that would be in front of the cameras even if he didn’t have elite basketball talent (though some might disagree, but anyone that can sniff an NBA tryout has some talent), he would still be in the news. I mean, he’s managing to stay relevant now and he had his best seasons a couple years ago with the Washington Wizards. I’m guessing Swaggy P. has reality show or two after he’s done in the league.

A style all his own, not Justin Bieber's.
A style all his own, not Justin Bieber’s.

Chandler Parsons. He’s not the flashiest player in the NBA on the court and he took a while to cultivate the skills you see now, but Chandler Parsons isn’t just some lanky 6’9 white dude that just signed a deal for a boatload of cash. Parsons is a wildcard of fashion, game (both kinds), and potential. He was also one of a few bros to be involved in the NBA All-Star Fashion Show produced by LeBron (not show that’s a good thing or not). But these Justin Bieber comparisons being thrown out are way off-base. And if you don’t completely hate this family already, then you’ll find his former relations with Kendall Jenner impressive.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute. Ever seen Coming to America? Well, that was basically this guy’s life. Maybe not the whole plotline of working at “McDowell’s” or slumming it in a shitty borough of New York City, but he’s an African prince who got a free scholarship to play basketball at UCLA and then managed to etch out a decent career in the NBA. So the dude was a stretch 4 in college and is a slower wing forward with limited range, but by somehow continuing to squeeze NBA owners out of a million here or there for this long is impressive. Anyways, he’s not the son of a king but instead a chief of a village. Looks like this guy will be set for life.

He's a prince. Any more explanation needed?
He’s a prince. Any more explanation needed?

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