Ice, Ice, Baby

e7d93c7d8951bf5eaf3cfc01405a0d7aWho at NBC sat down and thought to themselves, I think Ice-T would be awesome on Law and Order: SVU? Whoever it was is awesome. Even as the franchise has begun to suck and Olivia becomes less and less credible as a “lieutenant” that happens to be involved in more cases than Kragen ever was a part of, Ice-T continues to lay down bad ass one-liners.

Is he a great actor? No. Does he deserve awards for his portrayal of street-saavy Finn Tutu’ola (assuming that’s the correct spelling)? Probably not. But this guy somehow has carved out a career on one of the most successful TV shows in recent memory. And for as hard as the actor wants to appear, whether through his type-casted spot on SVU or his rap career, the dude actually has two female names. His real name is Tracey Lauren Marrow. Weird, right?!?

Beyond a few appearances on Comedy Central’s, Chappelle’s Show, he really hasn’t been in anything too epic. But the guy has gotta have a great agent. Because getting this job has made the guy’s career. Yeah, once upon a time he was a legit rapper with plenty of success. But the same way that Paul McCartney is getting help with his career from Kanye West (but that’s really a joke), Ice-T has gotten a little boost from Detective Benson. Imagine if we hadn’t gotten the chance to watch Ice Loves Coco for all those episodes? It’s funny how Ice and LL Cool J once had a feud over who the baddest rapper was. Wonder who would get the nod now?

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