Used Car Salesman

870fc7f9bd8a0aec429ba3b56315372fI’ve been in and out of the blogosphere for the past few days while more intently looking for a better automobile to shuttle between my other job and home. So writing hasn’t been as important for the time being. I’m sorry about that. And I promise as soon as I get this big purchase finalized I will get back to the consistency my readers are accustomed to. Still, I feel the need to inform you of my progress and the trials and tribulations of looking for a car when people still suck.

So there’s a budget and a plan and several needs that have been checked off. There’s also been several different dealers and individuals that I’d rather just pass over and not have to deal with. But if you’ve ever heard about the used car salesman that uses any and all excuses and ploys to get you into a car before you go out the door, then you know what I’m about to tell you is obnoxious.

My first venture into the car-buying world included a jaunt to a used car lot that I expected to be a regular dealer. First strike. I call ahead to make sure the car is still on the lot. They say it is. When I show up, the car isn’t there for some reason. Then they resort to showing me several different models that are the opposite of what I want. I need something with good mileage that has a solid amount of space and is certified with a warranty so I know when I drive it off the lot that I will be covered if something goes wrong. They start talking about Volkswagens and how the parts aren’t as expensive or difficult to find as people say. I call bullshit. They can’t budge on prices but they have to move cars off the lot. So many conflicting statements and they still think we aren’t going to find what we are looking for elsewhere.

Move on to the second egregious offense of the process. Dudes call me in at 7pm to look at a car they have on the lot. I already feel like shit and decide to make the effort because it’s what I want with a great price. The prior dealership told me the price I was looking at was unreal. Turns out the dealership I end up going to also ends up telling me the same thing and that instead their computers were wrong and the price on their site and in all the databases was incorrect. What a run-around bullshit situation. Not only do I waste an hour of my life talking to d-bags with agendas but I come back empty-handed and feeling worse than when I left.

Note to all: only deal with the people you feel like dealing with. Shit relates to all aspects of life. You will put up with whatever you make yourself put up with. Car salesmen are the best at reading people and understanding what they can and can’t do in specific situations. If they are taking advantage of you, it’s because you let them. At least this movie is sort of funny. Enjoy.

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