The Help

Do stars really take care of their kids?
Do stars really take care of their kids?

Former nanny of Mariah Carey is suing her former boss for unfair treatment, saying she was overworked and not allowed to take breaks or eat. Turns out the nanny also was making $90,000 a year in salary. Of course, she doesn’t have a union and filing a grievance isn’t really an option. She didn’t have benefits (or so we’d assume), but everyone is allowed health insurance in this country so deal with it.

This appalling because of how far the letter of law seems to stretch in court these days. How is this even something you can sue for? You see all these Housewives suing each other for making “false statements” about each other. Aren’t those shows all about gossip? Who would have thought any “character” would go outside the confines of their “set” and file official claims?

It’s people like this nanny that need to go crawl back into whatever hole they initially emerged from. Post-90s Mariah Carey (or when she was actually relevant in music) I would’ve last at this kind of case coming up. 2000’s Mariah Carey that lives in a fucking mansion with a CANDY STORE isn’t all that crazy to consider having a babysitter make these kind of claims. But at the end of the day, while tough working conditions aren’t so great and maybe not so fair you could always have it worse. Imagine having a corporate job that you went to college and grad school to get that still only pays you $75,000. Then try and go bitch about being owed $100,000 in claims. Oh, and being fired “because the kids liked you too much” isn’t a real thing. She just ripped that off of some interview Carey did a little while back about wanting to be the most important women in her kids’ lives.

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